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Learn how smart diagnostic tools can benefit your business by ensuring quality installation and commissioning

Smart Tools for Efficient HVAC Performance Campaign

The STEP Campaign is dedicated to advancing the adoption of residential heating, ventilating, and air conditioning (HVAC) commissioning. lt builds strategic partnerships with contractors, training providers, utilities, and energy efficiency organizations. 

This initiative encourages the use of smart diagnostic tools, along with other technologies, to reduce installation faults, save energy, and improve the installation quality of residential HVAC systems. The campaign develops targeted resources, provides technical assistance, and recognizes partners for successful implementation of the technology.        

What are smart diagnostic tools?  

Smart tools enable technicians to more easily commission and/or identify faults in residential HVAC systems. Smart diagnostic tools pair a suite of digital probes and other test equipment with a mobile HVAC diagnostic platform.  

The technician temporarily places test equipment when diagnosing or commissioning a system. Key measurements are transmitted in real time from the test equipment in the field to a mobile application. The app synthesizes the data and performs calculations necessary to verify proper system performance.

Screenshot of a web tool form on a tablet screen
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also designed to facilitate better-quality 
HVAC installations.

 Why use smart diagnostic tools?  

HVAC Contractors

  • Reduce callbacks due to improper installation
  • Optimize technician’s time on site
  • Develop better communication and trust with customers

Training Organizations

  • Stay on the cutting-edge of HVAC technology  
  • Build a systems performance-oriented workforce
  • Be a champion for residential HVAC commissioning

Energy Efficiency Programs

  • Verified quality installation programs made easier
  • Upskill your HVAC workforce with advanced tools and processes   

The need for quality installation and commissioning of heat pumps...

Improper installations are common. Research spanning several decades indicates that 70–90% of air conditioners and heat pumps in homes contain at least one performance-compromising fault due to improper installation or maintenance.  

Broad energy and utility bill impacts. Researchers at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory estimate that two common installation faults in central air conditioners and air-source heat pumps in U.S. homes result in 20.7 terawatt hours per year of additional energy use, a 9% increase over no-fault usage, costing homeowners approximately $2.5 billion annually.  

Get it right, the first time. Heat pumps play a key role in residential building decarbonization, but it’s important they are properly installed. Smart diagnostic tools help technicians test system performance and commission systems. 


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